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Other Resources on the Web Covering “Gulen charter schools”

There are a handful of resources on the web that reveal the true nature of those anti-charter groups.

Gulen Charter Schools: Imaginary Schools of Fethullah Gulen

Goose Network – Deciphering vicious bloggers calling them Fethullah Gulen charter schools

So-Called Gulen Charter Schools

Leave Charters Alone

Get the Fact


Gulen Charter Schools

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4 thoughts on “Other Resources

  1. Some say they serve for global peace, and some other say: “Don’t be naive they must have a hidden agenda”. I will not get into questions like “water of the mill” as they have been addressed previously. The main question I am going after is, what are really Gulen Inspired Schools? What makes them standout? How can you distinguish a Gulen Inspired School from any other public or community school? Find out the facts about Gulen Inspired Schools from above links.

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